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The Brand


Vasima Imran Couture aims to provide women beautiful yet modest fashion for all occasions. The brand stands for serving independent, elegant, and modern women of all races, backgrounds, and faiths who seek a modest lifestyle without compromising their individuality

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Hello! It's Vasima Imran. I'm a fashion designer and illustrator, residing in Dubai with my husband and 2 kids. I am Fashion Design graduate from London College of Arts UK (Dubai Campus). My passion is designing, creating and illustrating. I have always loved how special and unique the middle eastern culture is infused and expressed through many styles and fashion statements. The kaftans, Abayas and all other forms of dress. I wanted to create something that celebrates the culture but still be very practical, chic and modern for everyday's girls and women all over the world to feel empowered and look their best.

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We focus on promoting women empowerment, culture, inclusivity and love. Every piece of design has a personal touch from me but also in mind all women of all walks of life, races, ethnicity and religions.

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Our mission is to position & elevate modest values as a timeless universal lifestyle. We understand modesty goes beyond fashion, beyond what you wear, beyond movement.

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  • Our garments are produced lawfully, through fair & honest dealing.

  • Without exploiting the people who made them;

  • Encouraging and empowering Women workforce, regardless of age, religion and ethnicity.

  • Strictly without the use of child labour.

  • Decent working conditions; Without damaging the environment.

  • We endeavour to create beautiful clothes with the highest quality and attention to detail whilst caring for the community and environment around us.


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Our extremely thorough product selection ensures our clothing is made of the highest quality fabrics. We strive to produce products that are beautiful but, modest and are affordable for everyone. Our customers are very dear to us, and we work hard every day to serve them better. From the time you visit our website, to the time a product is delivered to your front door, we strive to deliver an exceptional shopping experience.

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