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Vasima Imran, Dubai-based designer debuts haute-couture collection

Vasima Imran Couture @vasimaicouture was founded in summer 2021 by Vasima Imran, a young female designer and entrepreneur with a passion for fashion and a desire to provide women beautiful yet modest fashion for all occasions.

The brand stands for serving independent, elegant, and modern women of all races, backgrounds, and faiths who seek a modest lifestyle without compromising their individuality.

Vasima Imran is a Dubai-based designer who recently debuted her haute-couture collection at Vie Fashion Show, and has been featured in numerous notable publications. We are excited to meet this talented designer before the New Year 2023.

VMM: what drove you to start your own haute couture collection?

The Middle Eastern culture is infused and expressed through many styles, fashion statements and fabrics. I wanted to design kaftans, abayas and all other forms of dress that celebrate the culture but still be practical and chic for everyday's girls and women all over the world.

VMM: Our magazine, is the world's first sustainable fashion magazine. What aspect of your business most closely aligns with our mission?

The recent media coverage on the exploitation of workers in the garment industry has led to a heightened level of awareness regarding the importance of ethical sourcing. As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our supply chain is free from all forms of exploitation and that our products are produced lawfully, through fair & honest dealing.

We work hard to make beautiful clothes with the highest quality and attention to detail while caring for the community and environment.

This Press report was taken by VISIONNAIRE MORALMODA

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